Ancient Coinage of Mysia, Hadrianeia

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BMC 2Hadrianeia ad Rhyndakos, Mysia. AE. 4.48 g. 2 c. BC. Obv: IERA CYNKLHTOC, Draped bust of Senate right / ADRIANEWN, bearded river god Rhyndacus, reclining left, holding reed and cornucopiae, resting on overturned urn, from which water flows. SNG von Aulock 1126. SNG BN 1028; BMC 2.TextImage
SNGvA 1131Hadrianeia, Mysia, pseudo-autonomous AE18, Time of Septimius Severus, 193-210 AD. IEPOC DHMOC, unbearded, laureate head of Demos right/ ADRIANEWN, Tyche with kalathos standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. SNG von Aulock 1131; Fritze Mysien 444; SNG Cop. 167.TextImage
Fritze 458 varCommodus AE 27mm of Mysia, Hadrianeia. AYT K M AYR KOMMODOC, Laureate head right / EP APOLLWNIOU LOUKIOU A ARC TO B ADRIANEWN, Commodus on horseback right, thrusting with spear and lion running right below. Fritze 458 var (rev legend). TextImage
SNGvA 7237varSeptimius Severus, AE27 of Hadrianeia, Mysia. 192-211 AD, 13.4gr. AYT K...SEPTI-SEOYHROS SE, laureate head right / EP MHNOFANOUS TEIMOKR ARC ADRIANEWN, Kybele seated right in cart drawn by two lions. Not in usual sources. This reverse is known for Caracalla, cf. Von Aulock 7237; Fritze 466; Imhoof KM P. 505 ,no. 2.TextImage
SNGvA 1136Julia Domna, AE of Hadrianeia, Mysia. 5.82 g. IOULIA DOMNA, draped bust right / ADRIANEITWN, bearded river god Rhyndacus, reclining left, holding reed and cornucopiae, resting on overturned urn, from which water flows. SNG von Aulock 1136 (same dies); SNG BN 1042; Lindgren 253 (this coin).TextImage
Mionnet 225Caracalla, AE of Hadrianeia, Mysia. 28.02 g. AVK KAI M AVR ANTONEINWC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EPI..MHLANDRWN KLEIAN ARX ADRIANEWN, River god Rhyndakos reclining right beneath tree, holding reed and resting arm on overturned urn from which water flows. Before him, Hermes standing facing, head left, holding purse and caduceus, ram at foot. Mionnet Supp. 5, 225.TextImage
SNGvA 7237 Caracalla AE 27mm of Mysia, Hadrianeia. Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / Kybele with sceptre & tympanum in cart drawn by lions right.TextImage
Lindgren 104vGeta AE24, Hadrianeia, Mysia, 198-209 AD. P SEP GETAC KAI, draped bust right / ADRIA-NEW-N, bull standing right. Mionnet Supp. 5, 229; Hill, Hadriana 26: Lindgren I 104 var (rev legend). TextImage
Waddington 836Elagabalus, Mysia, Hadrianeia, AE20. ANTWNEINOC, laureate draped bust right / ADRIANEWN, Hermes standing left holding purse and caduceus. Von Fritze 465a; Waddington 836.TextImage
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