Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Magnetes

Rogers 339
Began minting AR and AE coins ca 171-169 BC. Provincial coins were struck from the time of Augustus possibly until the time of Trebonianus Gallus.
Note that the legend MAΓNHTΩN was also used on coins struck in Magnesia ad Sipylum (Lydia) and Magnesia ad Maeandrum (Ionia).

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BCD [Nomos] 1187Magnetes, Thessaly, AR drachm. ca 140-130 BC. 4.18 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / MAΓNHTΩN, Artemis, holding bow, quiver over shoulder, seated left on galley prow left; dolphin swimming downwards to left, ΘMY monogram in right field. BCD Nomos 1187 otherwise unpublished.TextImage
BCD (Triton XV) 416.1Magnetes, Thessaly, AE14, After 167 BC. 2.67 g. Head of Artemis left / MAΓNH-TΩN to right and left of Poseidon, naked, standing front, looking left, holding dolphin and trident. ΔH monogram in left field. BCD (Triton XV) 416.1; Rogers 330 var (configuration of rev legend).TextImage
BCD (Triton XV) 416.2Magnetes, Thessaly, AE17, After 150-130 BC. 4.67 g. Head of Apollo left / MAΓNHTΩN, Artemis, wearing short chiton and boots, walking right, holding long torch with both hands, owl in right field. BCD (Triton XV) 416.2.TextImage
BCD (Triton XV) 416.3Magnetes, Thessaly, AE12, After 150-130 BC. 2.47 g. Head of Artemis left, bow and quiver behind shoulder / MAΓNHTΩN, male figure, naked, standing front, looking left, holding owl and sceptre. BCD (Triton XV) 416.3 otherwise unpublished.TextImage
BMC 1Magnetes, Thessaly, AR tetrobol, 196-146 BC. 18mm, 3.96 gr. Laureate head of Zeus right, HPA monogram behind head / MAΓNHTΩN beneath prow of ship, upon which Artemis sitting left, holding bow, dolphin to left, two monograms to right. BMC 1; Sear Greek 2136; Rogers -.TextImage
BMC 2Magnetes, Thessaly, AR drachm. ca 47-44 BC. 3.41 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / MAΓNHTΩN HΓHΣANΔΡOΣ, Artemis, holding bow, seated left on galley prow left. BMC 2 cf (shorter magistrate's name); SNG Cop 154. SNG Munich 97; BCD Nomos Sale 1188.TextImage
BMC 8Thessaly, The Magnetes. Circa 196-146 BC. AE 19mm (7.92 gm). Laureate head of Zeus left / Centaur walking right, arm raised before him; owl below. TextImage
BMC 13Magnetes, Thessaly. 196-146 BC. AE19. Head of Zeus right / MAΓN-HTΩN above and beneath prow right. BMC 13 corr. (rev legend); Rogers 348 var (ditto). TextImage
Rogers 328Magnetes, Thessaly, AE14, ca 1st century BC. 3.95 g. Draped bust of Artemis right, wearing earring and necklace, quiver over shoulder / MAΓNHTΩN, prow of galley right, dolphin swimming downwards in left field. Rogers 328; BCD Nomos Sale 1185.TextImage
Rogers 330 varMagnetes, Thessaly, AE15, After 150-130 BC. 3.32 g. Head of Artemis right, bow in quiver behind shoulder / MAΓNHTΩN, Poseidon, standing front, looking left, holding dolphin and trident. Rogers 330 var (bust type, no monogram); CNG 311, 189 (BCD).TextImage
Rogers 331Magnetes, Thessaly, AE16, ca. 150-130 BC. 2.47 g. Head of Artemis left, quiver over shoulder / MAΓNHTΩN, Poseidon, naked, standing left, holding dolphin and trident, palm branch in left field. Rogers 331; BCD (Nomos 4) 1183.TextImage
Rogers 339The Magnetes 196-146 BC. AE 20 mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Centaur standing right, right hand held before him, holding branch in left. TextImage
Rogers 345Magnetes, Thessaly, AE18. ca 196-146 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left / MAΓN-HTΩN, the centaur Cheiron right, holding palm; plough below. Rogers 345.TextImage
Rogers 354Magnetes, Thessaly, AE22 semi-autonomous issue, AD 30-27. 5.02 g. Laureate head of Asklepios right / MAΓNHTΩN, Asklepios seated left, holding patera and sceptre, feeding a serpent upright before him. Rogers 354; BCD Nomos Sale 1189.TextImage
Rogers 356Magnetes, Thessaly, AE18 semi-autonomous issue, AD 54-68. 4.83 g. Laureate, draped bust of Asklepios right / MAΓNHTΩN, Asklepios seated left, holding sceptre and caressing a serpent with his right hand. Rogers 356; BCD Nomos Sale 1190.TextImage
Rogers 357Magnetes, Thessaly, AE14 semi-autonomous issue, 3.42 g. The centaur Chiron walking right, holding lyre / MAΓNHTΩN AΡΓω, the galley Argos sailing right with three rowers. Moustaka ("Kulte..") 188 (this coin); BCD Nomos Sale 1192; cf Rogers 357 (legend incomplete).TextImage
SG 2136Thessaly, Magnetes, ca 340-320 BC, AR Drachm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Artemis, holding bow, seated left on prow; dolphin before. BMC 1, SNG Cop 153. TextImage
SG 2138Magnetes, Thessaly, AE20. 196-146 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left / MAΓNHTΩN, centaur standing right, right hand held before him, branch in left, plough to left. TextObv*Rev
RPC 1424Nero, AE26 of Magnetes, Thessaly. AD 54-68. 8.57 g. NEΡΩN KAICAΡ, laureate head of Nero right / CEBACTOC MAΓNHTΩN, radiate head of Nero right. RPC 1424; Rogers 363a var (both sides laureate); BCD Nomos sale 1191.TextImage
RPC 276Domitia, AE19 of Magnetes, Thessaly. 82-92 AD. ΔOMITIA CEBACTH, diademed and draped bust right / MAΓNH-TωN, Zeus, naked to waist, seated left, holding patera and sceptre. RPC II 276; Munich 22072.TextImage
Rogers 369Septimius Severus, AE20 of Magnetes, Thessaly. AD 193-211. ...CEYHΡOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MAΓNHTΩN AKΡAIOC, Zeus Akraios standing facing, looking right, holding long staff and thunderbolt. Rogers 369; BCD Nomos Sale 1193.TextImage
Moustaka 189Elagabalus, AE22 of Magnetes, Thessaly. AD 218-222. AY K M AYΡ ANTΩNINOC, laureate head right / MAΓNHTΩN XEIΡΩN, the centaur Chiron galloping right, holding a palm branch over his left shoulder and raising right hand, lyre beneath forelegs, value mark G above. Moustaka ("Kulte..") 189 (this coin); cf Rogers 371a (Caracalla); BCD Nomos sale 1194.TextImage

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