Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Magnetes

Rogers 339
Began minting AR and AE coins ca 171-169 BC. Provincial coins were struck from the time of Augustus possibly until the time of Trebonianus Gallus.

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BCD [Nomos] 1187Magnetes, Thessaly, AR drachm. ca 140-130 BC. 4.18 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / MAΓNHTΩN, Artemis, holding bow, quiver over shoulder, seated left on galley prow left; dolphin swimming downwards to left, QMU monogram in right field. BCD Nomos 1187 otherwise unpublished.TextImage
BMC 1Magnetes, Thessaly, AR tetrobol, 196-146 BC. 18mm, 3.96 gr. Laureate head of Zeus right, HPA monogram behind head / MAΓNHTΩN beneath prow of ship, upon which Artemis sitting left, holding bow, dolphin to left, two monograms to right. BMC 1; Sear Greek 2136; Rogers -.TextImage
BMC 2Magnetes, Thessaly, AR drachm. ca 47-44 BC. 3.41 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / MAGNHTWN HGHSANDROS, Artemis, holding bow, seated left on galley prow left. BMC 2 cf (shorter magistrate's name); SNG Cop 154. SNG Munich 97; BCD Nomos Sale 1188.TextImage
BMC 8Thessaly, The Magnetes. Circa 196-146 BC. AE 19mm (7.92 gm). Laureate head of Zeus left / Centaur andvancing right, arm raised before him; owl below. TextImage
BMC 13Magnetes, Thessaly. 196-146 BC. AE19. Head of Zeus right / MAGN-HTWN above and beneath prow right. BMC 13 corr. (rev legend); Rogers 348 var (ditto). TextImage
Rogers 328Magnetes, Thessaly, AE14, ca 1st century BC. 3.95 g. Draped bust of Artemis right, wearing earring and necklace, quiver over shoulder / MAΓNHTΩN, prow of galley right, dolphin swimming downwards in left field. Rogers 328; BCD Nomos Sale 1185.TextImage
Rogers 339The Magnetes 196-146 BC. AE 20 mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Centaur standing right, right hand held before him, holding branch in left. TextImage
Rogers 345Magnetes, Thessaly, AE18. ca 196-146 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left / MAGN-HTWN, the centaur Cheiron right, holding palm; plough below. Rogers 345.TextImage
Rogers 354Magnetes, Thessaly, AE22 semi-autonomous issue, AD 30-27. 5.02 g. Laureate head of Asklepios right / MAΓNHTΩN, Asklepios seated left, holding patera and sceptre, feeding a serpent upright before him. Rogers 354; BCD Nomos Sale 1189.TextImage
Rogers 356Magnetes, Thessaly, AE18 semi-autonomous issue, AD 54-68. 4.83 g. Laureate, draped bust of Asklepios right / MAΓNHTΩN, Asklepios seated left, holding sceptre and caressing a serpent with his right hand. Rogers 356; BCD Nomos Sale 1190.TextImage
Rogers 357Magnetes, Thessaly, AE14 semi-autonomous issue, 3.42 g. The centaur Chiron walking right, holding lyre / MAGNHTWN ARGw, the galley Argo sailing right with three rowers. Moustaka ("Kulte..") 188 (this coin); BCD Nomos Sale 1192; cf Rogers 357 (legend incomplete).TextImage
SG 2136Thessaly, Magnetes, ca 340-320 BC, AR Drachm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Artemis, holding bow, seated left on prow; dolphin before. BMC 1, SNG Cop 153. TextImage
SG 2138Magnetes, Thessaly, AE20. 196-146 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left / MAGNHTWN, centaur standing right, right hand held before him, branch in left, plough to left. TextObv*Rev
RPC 1424Nero, AE26 of Magnetes, Thessaly. AD 54-68. 8.57 g. NERWN KAICAR, laureate head of Nero right / CEBACTOC MAGNHTWN, radiate head of Nero right. RPC 1424; Rogers 363a var (both sides laureate); BCD Nomos sale 1191.TextImage
RPC 276Domitia, AE19 of Magnetes, Thessaly. 82-92 AD. DOMITIA CEBACTH, diademed and draped bust right / MAGNH-TwN, Zeus, naked to waist, seated left, holding patera and sceptre. RPC II 276; Munich 22072.TextImage
Rogers 369Septimius Severus, AE20 of Magnetes, Thessaly. AD 193-211. ...CEYHROC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MAGNHTWN AKRAIOC, Zeus Akraios standing facing, looking right, holding long staff and thunderbolt. Rogers 369; BCD Nomos Sale 1193.TextImage
Moustaka 189Elagabalus, AE22 of Magnetes, Thessaly. AD 218-222. AY K M AYR ANTWNINOC, laureate head right / MAGNHTWN XEIRWN, the centaur Chiron galloping right, holding a palm branch over his left shoulder and raising right hand, lyre beneath forelegs, value mark G above. Moustaka ("Kulte..") 189 (this coin); cf Rogers 371a (Caracalla); BCD Nomos sale 1194.TextImage

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