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BMC 163Perikles, Satrap of Lycia, 380-360 BC. AE10, 1.28 g. Forepart of goat left. / Triskeles rotating left. BMC 163-164 ("stag"); SNG Cop 38; SNG von Aulock 4262; SNG Tuebingen 4218.TextImage
SNG Keckman 501Perikles, Lycia, AE 10mm; 0.9g. Forepart of goat or stag left / LY above, Triskeles rotating left. SNG Keckman II 501 (goat); SNG Cop 38 (stag). TextImage
SNG v Aulock 4250Perikles, Dynast of Lycia, AR Stater, ca 380-360 BC, 22.5 mm, 9.81 g. Phellos mint, struck ca 380-375 BC. Laureate head of Perikles facing slightly left, drapery around neck, dolphin downwards to right. / VEHNTEZ PERIKLES (in Lycian) to left and right, naked warrior, helmeted, in fighting attitude right, holding sword aloft in right hand, shield on left arm. Triskeles in upper right field, conch shell in lower right field, all within shallow incuse square. SNG von Aulock 4250; Podalia 399 (this coin); Mildenberg 21.TextImage
SNG vA 4252Dynasts of Lycia, Perikles AR Stater. Circa 380-360 BC. Struck circa 380-375 BC. Laureate and draped bust of Perikles facing slightly left / PERIKLE in Lycian, Warrior, nude but for crested Corinthian helmet, fighting to right with shield and sword; Lycian triskeles to lower right; all within shallow incuse square. SNG Cop Supp 478. TextImage
SNG vA 4258Dynasts of Lycia, Perikles AE11. ca 380-362 BC. Head of Pan left / PERIKL in Lycian, triskeles. TextImage
Sear 5241Lycian Dynast, Perikle, 380-362 BC, AR Triobol. Lion scalp facing / Triskeles, PERIKLE around in Lycian letters. SNGvA 4355. TextImage
Sear 5243Dynasts of Lycia, Perikle AE13. 380-362 BC. Horned head of young Pan left / Lycian legend PERIKLE, triskeles. von Aulock 4257, Lindgren 1052, BMC 158.
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