Ancient Coinage of Numidia, Hippo Regius

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RPC_714Zeugitana, Hippo Regius AE 21mm. Time of Augustus to Tiberius. ABERA, diademed & veiled head of Juno or Astarte left / HIPPO NE. Ceres standing facing, holding caduceus & corn ears. SNG Copenhagen 424-425. TextImage
RPC 710Tiberius, AE As or Dupondius of Hippo Regius, Numidia. 11.49 g. Fabius Africanus, proconsul. Struck 6/5 BC. Bare head of Tiberius left / Bare head of Fabius Africanus left. RPC 710; Amandry, Notes II 4.Ib; MAA 120.TextImage
RPC 713Numidia, Hippo Regius. Tiberius. AD 14-37. AE As 25mm, 7.58 g. L. Apronius, proconsul. Struck AD 20/1. TI CAESAR DIVI AV[G]V[S]TI F AVGVSTVS, bare head of Tiberius right; simpulum to left, lituus to right / L APRONIVS HIPPONE LIBERA, bare head of L. Apronius right. RPC 713; MAA 124; Mueller, Afrique 378.TextImage
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