Ancient Coinage of Spain, Obulco

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Burgos 852Spain, AE Semis, 1st century BC. Obulco-Ibolka (Porcuna/Jaen), 6,91 g. OBVL-NIC, laureate head of Apollo right / Bull standing right, crescent above. CNH 80; Heiss 27; Burgos 852.TextImage
Burgos 1395Obulco. Ca 150 BC. AE As. OBVLCO, diademed head right, CX behind / L. AIMIL/M.IVNI in two lines across field; plow left above; grain ear and X below; AID vertically to right. Villaronga 16. TextImage
Burgos 1433Obulco. Circa 200 BC. AE Semis. OBVLCO, Diademed head right within laurel wreath / Horseman right, carrying lance, all within wreath. Villaronga 4; Heiss 25. TextImage
Burgos 1779Spain, Obulco, 2nd C. BC. 33.8 gr. OBVLCO, diademed female head right / SITuBoLAI URKaIL in two lines beneath plow and grain ear. Burgos 1779; CNH 8.TextImage
Burgos 1796 varObulco, Spain, AE As. 29 mm, 18.98 gr. OBVLCO, female head right / Plough with two lines of Iberian script below, corn-ear in exergue. Burgos 2008 1796 var.TextImage
Burgos 1804Obulco, Spain, AE As. 29.5 mm, 15.69 g. OBULCO, female head right / Iberian script: IBOLCA, plough left above, grain-ear below. Burgos (2008) 1804; Villaronga 38.TextImage
Burgos 1807Obulco, Spain, AE As. 28mm, 14.93 g. OBVLCO, female head right / Iberic legend above plough, ear of corn below, Iberic letter in the centre. Burgos 2008 1807.TextImage
Burgos 1812Obulco, Spain, AE29 As. 16.7 gr. OBULCO, female head right / L.AIMI-M.JVNI AVD between a plough above and horizontal grain ear below. Burgos 1812.TextImage
Burgos 1838Obulco, Spain, AE18 Semis. 3.64 gr. NIG, head of Apollo right / Bull right, crescent above. Burgos 1838.TextImage
Burgos 1850Obulco, Spain, AE Semis 8,71 gr. 22 mm. OBVLCO beneath bull running right / Eagle standing right, wings spread. Burgos (2008), 1850; SNG Cop 226.TextImage
Heiss 5 varObulco, AE As, 18.63 gr, 28mm. OBVLCO, Female head right / Iberian legend in two lines, plough above, grain ear below. Not in Burgos. Heiss 5 var (first line of legend).TextImage
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