Ancient Coinage of Troas, Lamponeia

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BMC 1Lamponeia, Troas, AR drachm, 14 mm, 3.09 g. 400-300 BC. Bearded male head right. / Λ-A-M; Bucranium, all within incuse square. BMC 1.TextImage
BMC 3Lamponeia, Troas, 400-300 BC. AE 13 mm; 1.9 g. Bearded head of Dionysos right, wearing wreath of ivy. / ΛA-M; Bucranium, kantharos above. BMC 3; SNG Cop 445.TextImage
Gemini III, 170 Troas, Lamponeia. Ca. 420 BC. Silver trihemiobol (0.82 gm). Head of roaring lion right / Λ-A flanking facing bull’s head in incuse square. Possible unpublished. TextImage
Klein 316Troas, Lamponeia AR Hemiobol. ca 480-450 BC. Bucranium / quadripartite incuse. TextImage
SNG Cop 444Troas, Lamponeia AR Obol. 4th century BC. Bearded head of Dionysos right / Λ-A-M, bucranium within incuse square. TextImage
Traite 2292Troas, Lamponeia AR 1/48 Stater. ca 480-450 BC. Bull's head facing / quadripartite incuse square. Traité 2292, SNG Tübingen 2658. TextImage
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