Ancient Coinage of Mauretania

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Mueller 111Kings of Mauretania, Ptolemy. 24-40 AD. AE 36mm. Dated year 17 (39/40 AD). REX IVBA REGIS IVBAE F, diademed draped bust of Juba II left / R PTOL A XVII, eagle standing right on thunderbolt, wings displayed. MAA 360, Mazard 389. TextImage
RPC 869Augustus AE As of Colonia Iulia Campestris Babba, W. Mauretania, ca 19 BC. 10.40 gr. C M AMBATVS PRAE F ITER IVLIA, laureate head of Bacchus right / VAC AX A TE TIRO AED, Head of Ceres right between two corn-ears. Alexandropoulos III/177; RPC 869.TextImage
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