Ancient Coinage of Judaea, Valerius Gratus

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Hendin 639Judaea, Procurators. Valerius Gratus. Year 2 (15 AD). AE Prutah. KAI/CAP in two lines within wreath / Crossed cornucopias, TIB above, LB between. TextImage
Hendin 641Judaea, Valerius Gratus, AE prutah, Dated Year 3 of Tiberius. KAI-CAR in two lines within wreath / TIBERIOY, Two crossed cornucopias, caduceus between, L-Gamma across fields. Hendin 641. AJC II, Supp. V, 10.TextImage
Hendin 642Judaea, Valerius Gratus, Prefect Under Tiberius, AE Prutah. Year 3 = 16 AD. IOVLIA within wreath / three lilies in bloom flanked by date L-G. Meshorer 321; Hendin 642.TextImage
Hendin 643Judaea, Valerius Gratus, AE prutah. IOYLIA, Vine leaf and small bunch of grapes / Narrow-necked amphora with scroll handles, date L-D across fields. Meshorer 326; Hendin 643; RPC I 4963. TextImage
Hendin 644Valerius Gratus, procurator of Judaea under Tiberius AE Prutah. Struck 17 AD. TIBERIOY, Vine leaf on tendril / KAICAR and date L-D, kantharos. Meshorer 325; Hendin 644; RPC I 4962. TextImage
Hendin 645Valerius Gratus - Prefect under Tiberius 15-26 AD. TIB KAI CAP within wreath /IOU-LIA and date, palm branch curved to right. Meshorer 327; Hendin 645; RPC I 4964. TextImage
Hendin 646Judaea, Valerius Gratus, AE Prutah. Year 5 = 18 AD. TIB KAI CAP in a wreath / IOU-LIA and date L-E, Palm branch curved to right. Meshorer 328a; Hendin 646; RPC I 4965. TextImage
Hendin 646Valerius Gratus, Prefect Under Tiberius, AE Prutah. TIB KAI CAP in wreath / Palm branch curved to right, flanked by inscription & date (LE = Year 5 = AD 18). Meshorer 328a; Hendin 646; RPC I 4965. TextImage
Hendin 647Judaea, under Roman Procurator Valerius Gratus, under Tiberius, AE Prutah. Year 11 (24 AD). IOV-LIA and date L-IA across field, palm branch / TIB KAI CAP, three lines in wreath. Meshorer 329; Hendin 647. TextImage
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