Ancient Coinage of Judaea, John Hyrcanus II

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Hendin 478John Hyrcanus II, 67 & 63-40 BC, AE Prutah, overstruck. Ancient Hebrew in a wreath / Crossed cornucopiae, pomegranate between. TextImage
Hendin 479Judaea, Hasmonean dynasty. John Hyrcanus II. 67 and 63-40 BC. AE Prutah, 15mm, 2.16 g. Jerusalem mint. Crude Hebrew legend "Yehohonan the High Priest and the Community of the Jews" within wreath. / Double cornucopiae; pomegranate (or caduceus?) between them. Meshorer Group S; Hendin 479, Meshorer 18; Sear 6096.TextImage
Hendin 479vHyrcanus II, 67 and 63-40 BC, AE16 Prutah. Ancient Hebrew, quite clearly legible but in an unusual style of script / Crossed cornucopiae, pomegranate between. Hendin 479 variety, Treasury S42 variety. TextImage
Houghton 833Antiochus VII/John Hyrcanus AE Lepton. Jerusalem mint. Lily / Anchor. BASILEWS ANTIOCOU. Date: 182 SE=131/0 BC. TextImage
Meshorer 18vJudaea, Hyracanus II, 67 and 63-40 BC, AE prutah. Crossed cornucopiae, pomegranate between them / Legend in wreath. TextImage
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