Ancient Coinage of Apulia, Rubi

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BMC 7Apulia, Rubi. ca 300-225 BC. AE Obol. Laureate head of Zeus right; Θ behind, crescent before / ΠY monogram left, eagle standing left on thunderbolt; crescent right. SNG ANS 724; BMC 7. TextImage
Rutter_817Apulia, Rubi. Circa 300-225 BC. AE 12mm. Helmeted head of Athena right / Nike standing left. SNG ANS 731-732. TextImage
Rutter_819Apulia, Rubi. Circa 300-225 BC. AE 15mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Tyche standing left. SNG ANS 728-730. TextImage
Magna Graecia Coins of Rubi
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