Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Eucarpeia

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BMC 9Phrygia, Eukarpeia, 15mm, 2.59 gr. EYKAΡΠEΩN; draped bust of Hermes right, caduceus behind / EΠI KΛ ΦΛAKKOY, small bucranium supporting crescent, one star within the crescent, another star above connected by a vertical line. BMC 9-10; SNG Cop 366, Weber 7087.TextImage
RPC 3159Augustus, AE17 of Eucarpia, Phrygia. 5.03g. Magistrate Lykidas Euxenou. ΣEBAΣTOΣ, laureate head right, lituus before head / ΣEBAΣTOΣ EYKAΡΠITIKOY ΛYKIΔAΣ EYCENOY, Artemis standing facing, raising right arm to take an arrow from quiver at shoulder, her left hand wrapped in her peplos beneath which is a small cult statue of Kybele. AMC 1382; RPC 3159; SNG Cop. 367.TextImage
JA 36Augustus, AE19 of Eucarpia, Phrygia. ΣEBAΣTOΣ, bare head right, countermark: eagle right / EY(KAΡ)-ΠEΩ(N), winged thunderbolt. Not in RPC or Supp. I or II (for any emperor or city). John Aiello Collection temp. no. 36.TextImage
RPC 3160Livia, AE of Eukarpeia, Phrygia. after 14 AD. 2.76 g. ΣEBAΣTH, draped bust right / EYKAΡ ΠITIKOY AΠΦIA IEΡHA in four lines within lined border, all within dotted border. RPC 3160; BMC 14.TextImage
BMC 27Gordian III, AE28 of Eukarpeia, Phrygia. AD 238-244. 13.58 g. AY K M AN ΓOΡΔIANOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EYKAΡΠEΩN, Tyche seated left, holding grain ears and sceptre. BMC 27; RPC 719; SNG Cop 374; SNG von Aulock 3579.TextImage
BMC 28Gordian III, AE27 of Eucarpia, Phrygia. AD 238-244. AY K M AN ΓOΡΔIANOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / EYKAΡΠEΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. BMC 28; RPC VII 720.TextImage
Woytek, SMB 61Gordian III, AE35 of Eucarpeia, Phrygia, alliance issue with Eumeneia. AD 238244. 26.05 g. AYT K M AN ΓOΡΔIANOC, radiate, cuirassed bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder, aegis on chest / EYKAΡΠEΩN KAI EYMENEΩN, OMONOIA around and beneath the two Tyches of Eucarpia and Eumeneia, both turreted, standing facing each other, clasping hands, altar between them. Eucarpia holding statuette of Artemis holding bow and reaching for an arrow from the quiver at her shoulder, Eumenia holding statuette of Athena, holding wreath. Unpublished reverse for Gordian. Woytek in SMB 61 (2011).TextImage
BMC 29Trebonianus Gallus, AE of Eucarpeia, Phrygia. AD 251-253. 8.82 g. AVT K G OV TRIB GALLOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EYKAΡΠEΩN, Tyche seated left, holding sceptre and branch. BMC 29. SNG von Aulock 3580.TextImage
BMC 33Volusian, AE of Eucarpeia, Phrygia. 251-253 AD. 5.31 g. AV K OVOLOVSSIANON, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EYKAΡΠEΩN, Artemis, holding bow, drawing arrow from quiver at shoulder, standing right between stag and cult statue of Kybele. BMC 33; SNG von Aulock 3581.TextImage

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