Ancient Coinage of Calabria, Uxentum

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BMC 4CALABRIA, Uxentum. ca 125-90 BC. AE As. Janiform head / OZAN, Herakles standing facing, head left, holding club in right hand, cornucopiae in left, lion's skin draped over left arm; Nike left crowning Herakles. SNG ANS 1610; BMC 4; SNG Cop 1090. TextImage
BMC 6Uxentum, Calabria. 125-90 BC. AE Semis. 16mm, 3.93 gr. Head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet, spear to right, sideways S below / Herakles standing left, resting right hand on club and holding cornucopiae and lionskin in left. S above grain ear in left field, OZAN upwards in right field. BMC 6; HN Italy 1103; SNG ANS 1613-1614; SNG Milano 247.TextImage
SNG ANS 1616Uxentum, Calabria. ca 1sr century BC. AE Quadrans 14mm, 1.85 gm. Helmeted head of Athena right / AO, Herakles standing left, holding club, lion skin, and cornucopiae. SNG ANS 1616-1617; HN Italy 1100.TextImage
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