Ancient Coinage of Mysia, Pitane

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BMC 1Pitane, Mysia. AE 8mm. 400-300 BC. Head of Maenad right, wreathed with ivy / PI within lined circle. BMC 1.TextImage
BMC 4Pitane, Mysia, AE8, 0.65 gr. 400-380 BC. Horned, bearded head of Zeus Ammon right / P-I-S-O-S around pentagram (According to Imhoof, Pisos is the name of the city magistrate). BMC 4; Imhoof ZfN I, p. 138.TextImage
BMC 13Pitane, Mysia, AE14, 4th-3rd century BC. 1.85 gr. Horned head of Zeus Ammon facing three-quarters to right / PITANAIWN, pentagram. McClean 7746; SNG Cop 536; BMC 13.TextImage
Mionnet 718Mysia, Pitane, 14mm, 1.61g. 2nd century BC. Helmeted bust of Athena right / PITANAIWN; Telesphoros standing facing. Mionnet II, 718.TextImage
SNGCop 530Mysia, Pitane. Circa 4th century BC. AE 16mm. Head of Zeus Ammon right / Pentagram. SNG Copenhagen 530-531. TextImage
SNGCop 533Mysia, Pitane. Circa 1st Century AD. AE 11mm. Head of Zeus Ammon right / Pentagram, pellet in center. SNG France 2350. TextImage
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