Ancient Coinage of Lydia, Kings, Autophradates

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Weiser 17Autophradates, Satrap of Lydia, Achaemenid Empire. 392-388 and 380-355 BC, Ionia and Lydia. AE10. 1.43 g. Head right, wearing satrapal headdress / monoskelis between OΛ and grain ear. W.Weiser, 17 in NNB 9; Winzer 11.8.TextImage
Winzer 11.7Achaemenid Empire. Autophradates, Satrap of Lydia (392-388), Ionia and Lydia, 380-355 BC. AE10. 1.25 g. Head right, wearing satrapal headdress / Monoskelis. Winzer 11.7.TextImage

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