Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Kings, Bergaeus

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BMC 1Bergaios, King of Thrace. AR drachm. 400-350 BC. Satyr running right, carrying off a nymph, her right arm on his shoulder. / BE-ΡΓ-AI-OY around a linear square divided into four sections. BMC 1; Paris 12; Head Hist. Num. p. 241; Peter, Thrakische Dynasten p. 105; Berlin, (Pinder) 4-5; Prokesch Inedita 1859, pl. 1, 11 (as Berga, Macedonia in error); Moushmov 5697.TextImage
Moushmov 5699Bergaeus (Bergaios), King of Thrace. AE 9 mm. 400-350 BC. Bearded head of Silenos right. / BEΡΓ beneath fish right. SNG Stancomb 288; Moushmov 5699; BMC Thrace 3. (Also in Moushmov under the town of Berga in error).TextImage
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