Ancient Coinage of Campania, Nola

[SNG ANS 559]

Nola or Nuvlana, one of the oldest cities in Campania, inland from and around the other side of Mt. Vesuvius from Naples

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Rutter 53Campania, Nola AR Didrachm. 400-385 BC. Head of nymph right / man-headed bull walking right, crowned by Nike flying above, NΩΛA... in ex. TextImage
SNG ANS 552Campania, Nola AR Didrachm. ca 400-385 BC. Head of Nymph right / Man-headed bull walking left, crowned by flying Nike. HN 605. TextImage
SNG ANS 554Campania, Nola AR Didrachm or Nomos. Head of nymph, right, wearing broad diadem / man-headed bull walking left, being crown with a wreath by Nike flying above, NOΛAIΩN in ex. Rutter 46. TextImage
SNG ANS 556Campania, Nola AR Nomos. Circa 400-385 BC. Head of nymph right in broad diadem decorated with a maeander pattern, triple pendant earring, & necklace / NΩΛAIΩN, man-headed bull standing left; above, Nike flying left, placing wreath on bull's head. SNGFr 1089, SNGCop 560, Rutter 50.TextImage
SNG ANS 559Campania, Nola AR Nomos. ca 400-385 BC. Wreathed and helmeted head of Athena right, helmet decorated with an owl; monogram behind neck / NΩΛAIΩN, man-headed bull standing right; monogram below. Rutter 9, HN Italy 603. TextImage
Sear SG 311Neapolis, Nola AR didrachm. ca 360-325 BC. Head of Nymph right, wearing broad diadem, earrings & necklace, symbol behind head / man-headed bull standing right, Nike flying above crowning it with a wreath, NΩΛAIΩΣ in ex. TextImage
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