Ancient Coinage of Lycia, Arycanda

Arycanda (Arykanda) in Lycia was built on five large terraces on a mountain slope. It is located near the village of Aykiricay, between Elmali and Finike in Turkey. A great deal of the city can still be seen today, thanks to the admirable sense of heritage of modern-day Lycians.

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BMC 2Arycanda, Lycia, AE13. 200-0 BC. Radiate head of Sozon(?) right / Apollo, naked, standing left, holding bow, resting elbow on column behind him, AR monogram in left field. SNG Copenhagen 47-49; SNG von Aulock 4273-4274; BMC 2.TextImage
BMC 3Arycanda, Lycia, AE19. 200-0 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Forepart of horse left, thunderbolt counterstamp below, A-PY to left and right of the thunderbolt. BMC 3.TextImage
A short list of Arycanda Coins of Gordian III and Tranquillina as ID assistance
BMC 6Gordian III, AE32 of Arycanda, Lycia. AVT KAI M ANT ΓOΡΔIANOC CEB, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / AΡYKANΔEΩN, Radiate deity (Sozon?) wearing Phrygian cap riding right, brandishing club. Von Aulock 29-35; BMC Lycia 6; Weber 7253.TextImage
Mionnet 20Gordian III, AE30 of Arycanda, Lycia. AVT K M ANT ΓOΡΔIANOC CE, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / AΡYKANΔEΩN, Herakles standing left, holding club in right hand, left hand on his hip, lionskin on left arm. Mionnet Supp. VII, 20.TextImage
Mionnet 13vTranquillina, AE31 of Arycanda, Lycia. 23.7g. CABEINIA TΡANKYΛΛEINA CE, diademed, draped bust right on crescent / AΡYKANΔEΩN, Tyche, polos on head, standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Mionnet III, 13 var. (obverse).TextImage
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