Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Eumenia

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Eumenia or Eumeneia, Phrygia; re-named Fulviana (for Fulvia) in 41-40 BC. Present day Isikli, Turkey.

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BMC 1Phrygia, Eumenia AE14. 2nd Century, before 133 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / EYME NEWN in wreath. TextImage
BMC 9Phrygia, Eumeneia. After 133 BC. AE 18mm. Helmeted head of Athena right / Nike advancing left, holding wreath & palm; MENEKR (magistrate). TextImage
BMC 16Eumeneia, Phrygia, AE23, after 133 BC. Head of young Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / EUMENEWN MENEKRASKLHS, Tripod-lebes with three handles surmounted by flat cover fringed with spikes, star above, star to left, star to right, attached to the left side of the tripod is a bipennis (double axe) with serpent-entwined handle and, on the right of the tripod, a filleted laurel branch. BMC 16; SNG Copenhagen 382; SNG Tuebingen 4008.TextImage
BMC 19Eumeneia, Phrygia AE20, after 133 BC, 7.59 gm. Head of young Dionysos right / EUMENEWN MIKKALO APOL... Tripod-lebes with three handles surmounted by flat cover fringed with spikes, star above, star to left, star to right, attached to the left side of the tripod is a bipennis (double axe) with serpent-entwined handle and, on the right of the tripod, a filleted laurel branch. BMC 19.TextImage
BMC 23Eumeneia, Phrygia, pseudo-autonomous issue, 176-225 AD. 2.06 g. Bare-headed, draped bust of Hermes right, caduceus before / EUMENEWN, Athena standing left, holding patera and spear, shield at her side. Imhoof KM 1; BMC 23.TextImage
BMC 28Phrygia, Eumeneia, 5.96g, 20.2mm, c. 250 AD. EVMENEIA, turreted and draped bust of city-goddess Eumeneia right / EUMENEWN GLAUKOC above and beneath river-god Glaukos reclining left, himation over lower body, holding reed and cornucopiae, resting arm on overturned urn from which water flows. BMC 28; SNG Cop. 387; Imhoof FMG 363; SNG Munich 204.TextImage
Sear #5138PHRYGIA, Eumeneia. c200-133 BC. AE 15mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / EUME/NEWN, legend in two lines within oak-wreath. SNG Cop 377-378, BMC 1-4. TextImage
SNG Tuebingen 4009Phrygia Eumeneia AE12. Turreted head of Tyche right / EUME-NEWN to left and right of three-footed, conical altar with globe-shaped top on a flat surface, two objects hanging from the ends to left and right. TextImage
RPC 3139Phrygia, Eumenea as Fulvia. Circa 41-40 BC. AE 20mm. Draped bust of Fulvia as winged Nike right / FOULOUIANWN right, Athena advancing left, holding spear in right hand, shield on left arm; magistrate ZMERTORIGOS son of FILWNIDOU. BMC 20.Text

RPC 3140Fulvia AE17 of Eumeneia, as Fulvianon, Phrygia. Circa 41-40 BC. Draped bust of Fulvia as winged Nike right / FOULOUI/ANWN/ZMEPTOPI, three lines within ivy-wreath. SNGvA 8367.TextImage
RPC 3142Augustus AE18 of Eumeneia, Phrygia. Magistrate Epigonus. SEBASTOS, laureate bust right, lituus before / EYMENEWN EPIGONOS FILOPARIS, tripod. BMC 36.TextImage
RPC 3143Livia AE14 of Eumeneia, Phrygia. Kastoris Soteira. HPA LIBIA, draped bust right with hair in bound plait behind neck / EVM-ENEWN-KASTORIS-SWTIRA in four lines within wreath.TextImage
RPC 3148Livia, AE of Eumeneia, Phrygien. 3.59 g. SEBASTH, draped bust left / KLEWN - AGAPH - TOS - EUMENE - WN in five lines within wreath. RPC 3148: BMC 38.TextImage
RPC 3144Tiberius AE17 of Eumeneia, Phrygia. Magistrate Valerius Zmertoris. CEBAC, bare head right / OVALERIOS ZMERTORIX EUMENEWN, bull butting right. BMC 35.TextImage
RPC 3147Tiberius AE 20mm of Phrygia, Eumenia. Magistrate Kleon Agepetos. CEBACTOC, laureate head right / KLEWN AGEPHTOC EYMENEWN, Zeus standing left, holding patera and sceptre; star to left. BMC 37.TextImage
RPC 3151Agrippina Jr AE15 of Eumeneia, Phrygia. Magistrate Bassa Kleonos. AGRIPPINA SEBASTH, draped bust right, countermark of double axe behind head / BASSA KLEWNOS ARCIERHA AUMENEWN, Cybele seated left, holding patera, resting arm on drum. BMC 44.TextImage
RPC 3151 (2)Agrippina AE16 of Eumeneia, Phrygia. 2.78 g. AD 54-59. AG[RIPEINA] SEBASTH, draped bust right, countermark of male head right / BASSA KLEONOS ARCIERHA EUMENEWN, Kybele seated left, holding patera and resting left arm on drum. RPC 3151; SNG Righetti 1179; BMC 44-46; Paris 1120-1121; Imhoof GM 681 (but rarely with this countermark).TextImage
RPC 3149Nero AE 18mm of Phrygia, Eumeneia. Struck 54/5 AD. Magistrate Julius Kleon. NEPWN SEBASTOS, bare-headed, draped bust of a young Nero right / EUMENEWN IOULIOS KLEWN APCIEREUS ASIAS, Apollo standing left, holding raven & bipennis. SNG Cop 394, BMC 41.TextImage
Imhoof 8Antoninus Pius, AE of Eumeneia, Phrygia. 138-161 AD. 9.88 g. AYTO KAIC ANTWNEINOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EYMENEWN ACAIWN, Nike standing right, holding sacrificial knife and holding a bull standing right, by the horn. RPC online 1990. Imhoof-Blumer KM 8; cf Waddington 6038.TextImage
Lindgren I, 953Julia Domna, AE23 of Eumeneia, Phrygia. 6.59g. IOYLIA CEBAC, draped bust right / EUMENEWN AXAIWN, Dionysos standing facing, head left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at feet. Lindgren I 953.TextImage
SNG Cop 397Geta, AE of Eumeneia, Phrygia. 197-209 AD. 7.88 g. PO CEP GETAC KAI, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right / EUMENEWN ACAIWN, Heros or MÍn, radiate, on horseback trotting right, double axe (bipennis) over shoulder. SNG Cop. 397; SNG von Aulock 3597.TextImage
BMC 62Otacilia Severa AE30 of Phrygia, Eumeneia. Flavius Philikou, high priest. MAPK WTAKIL CEVHPA CEB, diademed draped bust right / EP F FILIKOY APXI EVMENEWN AX, Tyche standing left holding rudder & cornupcopiae.TextImage
Falghera 2654Salonina, AE, 9.19 gr. of Eumeneia, Phrygia. KORNHLIA CALWNEINA, draped bust right, wearing stephane / EUMENEWN ACAIWN, Tyche standing facing, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Falghera 2654. TextImage
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