Ancient Coinage of Mysia, Apollonia ad Rhyndacum

Apollonia ad Rhyndacus (modern day Gölyaz in NW Anatolia) was on a promontory on the NE shore of Lake Uluabat near the Rhyndacus river. Almost no remains have been preserved. Because of the numerous towns called Apollonia in Caria, Thrace, Pisidia, Illyria and Mysia, and the similarity of their inscriptions, many numismatic scholars disagree on which coins are from which town.

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v. Fritze 203Apollonia ad Rhyndacum, Mysia, AE19, Roman imperial times, semi-autonomous issue. Head of Zeus right, hair bound and wearing laurel wreath / AΠOΛΛΩ-NIATΩ above and beneath thunderbolt all within wreath of oak leaves (leaf rotation right). v. Fritze, Mysien 203.TextImage
SNG Leypold 284Nerva, AE13 of Apollonia ad Rhyndacum, Mysia. 96-98 AD. AYT NEΡBAΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣEBA, laureate head right / AΠO to right of lyre; plant(?) to left. SNG Leypold 284; Fritze Mysia 220 var; cf. AMNG IV 220.TextImage
SNG France 99Marcus Aurelius, AE36 of Apollonia ad Rhyndacum, Mysia. 161-180 AD. AVK Λ IM AYΡH ANTΩNEINOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN ΠΡOC ΡYNΔA, KΔ below, Apollo standing facing, pointing to head and being crowned by Artemis standing left; to left of Apollo, filleted and serpent-entwined tripod. SNG France 99.TextImage
v. Fritze 273vSeptimius Severus, AE33 of Apollonia ad Rhyndacum, Mysia. 193-211 AD. 11.31 gr. AV KAI Λ CEΠT CEOVHΡOC Π, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN, Artemis walking left, wearing long chiton and peplos flying behind, a torch in each hand. von Fritze Mysiens, 273 var (with obv. legend); Imhoof RSN 1913 p. 19,39 var (ditto).TextImage
Lindgren I 210 Maximinus I AE37 of Apollonia ad Rhyndacum, Mysia. Γ IOV OVH Γ MAXIMINOC, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN, tetrastyle temple housing statue of Zeus right, bearing thunderbolt, (...PY...) below.TextImage

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