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AML 2341Tripolis, Phoenicia. AE14mm, dated 96/5 BC (1.92 gm). Bust of Tyche right / Galley left, caps of the Dioscuri above, Greek date below. TextImage
ANS 1980.19Tripolis, Phoenicia. AE15. 1st Century AD (Time of Augustus to Claudius). TRIPOLITWN, head of Apollo right, crossed sceptres (?) before / MENANDROS FILOKAISAR TO D in 3 lines, pattern of rectangles below.TextImage
BMC 1Phoenicia, Tripolis AE17. 2nd Century BC. Bust of Tyche right / Dioscuri charging right. SNG Cop 69. TextImage
RPC 4513Phoenicia, Tripolis AE 21mm. Dated year 306 (7/6 BC). Bare-headed and draped jugate busts of the Dioscuri right / LS-T (date) TRI-PO LITWN, upright palm branch, all within laurel wreath. BMC 27. TextImage
SGI 5207Tripolis, Phoenicia, time of Augustus. Dated Year 325 (13-14 AD). AE21, 9.03 g. Jugate, laureate busts of the Dioscuri right, star above each head / TRIPOLITWN, L TKE below Nike, holding wreath and palm, standing right on prow; L MD on prow. RPC I 4515; Rouvier 1679; Sear Greece 5207.TextImage
Sear #6050Phoenicia, Tripolis AR Tetradrachm. Dated CY 18 = 95/4 BC. Jugate laureate & draped busts of the Dioskouroi right; stars above / TRIPOLITWN THS IERAS KAI AUTONOMOU, Tyche standing left, holding rudder in right hand, cornucopiae in left; H/Z in outer left field, HI in ex, all within wreath. BMC 5, McClean 9510. TextImage
BMC 44Hadrian, AE dichalkus of Tripolis, Phoenicia. AYTOKR KAICAR TRAIANOC ADRIANOC, laureate head right, slight drapery on left shoulder / HKY (date 428 of the local era) TRIPOLEITWN, Astarte, turreted, standing right, left foot on prow, holding long cruciform standard and raising hem of robe. BMC 44; Rouvier 1694.TextImage
BMC 48Hadrian AE23 of Tripolis, Phoenicia. AVTOK KAICAP TPAIANOC (ADPAINOC CEB), laureate bust right, aegis on far shoulder / TPIPOLEITWN, jugate busts of the Dioscuri right, stars above. SNG Cop 280.TextImage
BMC 59Antoninus Pius AE 25mm of Tripolis, Phoenicia. Year 459 (147/148 AD). IMP KAI MAP ANTWNEINOC CEB, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / QNU-TRIPOLEITWN, Astarte standing right, foot on prow, holding standard. Lindgren III 1455.TextImage
BMC 61Antoninus Pius AE 22mm of Phoenicia, Tripolis. AYT KAI TI AIL ADP ANTWNEINOC CEB ЄYC, laureate head right / TPIPOLEITWN, laureate, capped, and draped jugate busts of the Dioscuri right; date QNY to left.TextImage
BMC 66Marcus Aurelius, AE23 of Tripolis, Phoenicia. Year 459 (= 147-148 AD). 9.27g. AVRHLIOC KAI CEBEY CEBYIOC, laureate head right / TRIPOLEITWN, Jugate heads of the Dioskuri right, wearing pilei; date QNU behind. SNG Cop. 284; BMC 66-68.TextImage
Bellinger 257Caracalla Billon Tetradrachm of Phoenicia, Tripolis. AVT K M A ANTWNEINO C CEB, laureate head right / DHMARC EZ UPATOC TOD, eagle standing, wings open, head right, holding wreath in beak, caps of the Dioscouri between legs. SGI 2677.TextImage
Bellinger 259Phoenicia, Tripolis Caracalla, 198-217 A.D. AR Tetradrachm. Laureate hd. of Caracalla r. / Eagle with wreath in beak std. r.; caps of the Dioscuri below. TextImage
BMC 84Caracalla, AE of Tripolis, Phoenicia. Dated Year 527 (215-216 AD), 14.60 g. MAR AVR ANTONINOC CEB, radiate bust right with draped left shoulder / TRIPOLITWN ZKF, tetrastyle front of the entrance to the shrine of Zeus Hagios; Helios, radiate, and Astarte or Luna with crescent on head, standing within to left and right of a burning altar. BMC 84. Rouvier 1719; Price/Trell, 738.TextImage
BMC 91Caracalla, Tripolis, Phoenicia. AVK M AV ANTWNINON CEB, laureate head right / QKG (date, upwards on left) TRIPO (below), Astarte, wearing turreted crown and chiton, standing right with left foot on prow, holding sceptre, being crowned by small Nike standing on column to right. On the left and right, the Dioscuri, naked, facing towards her, each resting one hand on spear and holding bunch of grapes in the other. BMC 91; Rouvier 1727. TextImage
SNG Cop. 286Phoenicia, Tripolis. Caracalla. 198-217 AD. AE 24mm. Year 523 (211/212 AD). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / The Dioscuri standing nude, vís a vís with horses, shrine of Astarte above.TextImage
SNG Cop. 288vCaracalla AE 21 mm of Tripolis, Phoenicia. MAP AV ANTWNEINOC C, laureate, draped bust right / TRIPOLITWN, tetrastyle temple; in the center intercolumnation the flaming altar of Zeus Hagios; Helios in the left and Diana holding torch in the right. TextImage
BMC 118Elagabalus, AE31 of Tripolis, Phoenicia. Dated year 531 (AD 219-220). AYT K M AVR ANTWNINOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / TRIPOLITWN, Figure of Astarte within temple consisting of central archway with approaching steps and two pedimented wings with four columns each; date ALF in exergue. Rouvier 1763 var. (position of date); BMC 118.TextImage
BMC 120Elagabalus. AE of Tripolis, Phoenicia. Dated local year 532, AD 220-221. AYT K M AVR (ANTWNINOC), laureate head right / (TRIPOLITWN), Figure of Astarte within temple consisting of central distyle archway with approaching steps and two pedimented, tetrastyle wings; date BLF at lower left. BMC 120; Rouvier 1764; Babelon 1964; Mionnet V 456.TextImage
Lindgren 1459Elagabalus AE 26mm of Phoenicia, Tripolis. Struck year 532 (220/221 AD) Laureate head right / Conjoined busts of the Dioskoroi right. BMC 128.TextImage
Lindgren 2355Elagabalus AE 26mm of Phoenicia, Tripolis. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / Tetrastyle shrine of Zeus Hagios, with central altar flanked by statues of Sol and Luna.TextImage
Rouvier 1761Elagabalus, AE21 Chalkous of Tripolis, Phoenicia. Dated AD 220-221. 6.7 g. AYT K M AYR ANTwNINOC, laureate head right / TRIPO-L-I-TWN, tetrastyle temple with triangular pediment with the facing bust of Astarte in the pediment. Flaming altar in the centre of the altar, statue of male deity (Apollo? Helios?), raising his left arm in the left portico and Artemis-Selene standing left, in the right portico, holding flaming torch. Date BLF in exergue. Rouvier 1761; Mionnet V, 457.TextImage
SNG Cop. 292Elagabalus AE23 of Tripolis, Phoenicia. Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / TRIPOLITWN, tetrastyle temple of Zeus Hagios, altar at center, statues at either side. cf. BMC110-117.TextImage
SGI 3373Severus Alexander AE27 of Tripolis, Phoenicia. AVP KAICAP ALEXANDPOC, bare head right / TPIPOLITWN, tetrastyle temple of Zeus Hagios with flaming altar in center flanked by figures of Helios and Selene.TextImage
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