Ancient Coinage of Spain, Tarraco

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Villaronga 27Spain, Kese Tarraco, 3rd-2nd C. BC. AE Sextant 14mm, 2.34g. Male head right / Dolphin right; two dots above; Iberic legend below. AB 1848; Villaronga 27.TextImage
RPC 210Augustus, Caius and Lucius, AE Semis of Tarraco, Spain. 31 BC-AD14. 7.18 g. IMP CAES AVG TR POT PON MAX PP, laureate head of Augustus right / C L CAES AVG F around, confronted bare heads of Caļus and Lucius. C V T across fields ("Colonia Victrix Togata Tarraco"). RPC 210; Heiss "Monnaies antiques d'Espagne", pl. VIII, 51; Burgos 1731.TextImage
RPC 215Augustus & Tiberius Caesar, AE24, (7.62g) Tarraco, Spain, IMP CAES AVG TR POT PON M AX PP Laureate head right. / TI CAESAR CVT Bare head right.TextImage
RPC 222Divus Augustus, AE35 of Tarraco, Spain, struck under Tiberius. AD 14-37. DEO AVGVSTO, Divus Augustus seated left on throne, holding Victory on globe and sceptre / C V T T AETERNI-TATIS AVGVSTAE, Octastyle temple. RPC 222; SNG Cop. 530.TextImage
RPC 228Divus Augustus & Tiberius, AE28 of Tarraco, Spain, DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER CVSTA Radiate head right / TI CAESAR DIVI F AVG AVGVSTVS, Laureate head right.TextObvRev
RPC 228Tiberius, AE25 of Tarraco, Spain. After AD 15. 7.81 g. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG AVGVSTVS, laureate head right / DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER C V T TAR, radiate head right. RPC 228; Burgos (2008) 2373; Paris 190; Villaronga 20b.TextImage
RPC 232Tiberius, Germanicus and Drusus, AE24 of Tarraco, Spain. 9.43 g. AD 15-19. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVG PONT MAX IMP, laureate head of Tiberius right / CAESARES GERMANICVS DRVSVS, confronted heads of Germanicus and Drusus. D-V-T across fields. RPC 232; Villarongs 171.7. TextImage

RPC 233
Tiberius , AE24 of Tarraco, Spain. TI CAES AVG PONT MAX TRIB POT, laureate head of Tiberius right / DRVSVS CAES TR[IB POT IVL] AVGVSTA C-V-T, Head of Drusus facing head of Livia. TextImage
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