Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Mopsion

Mopsion was a small town on a hill between Larissa and Tempe, was named after Mopsos, the son of Amphycus (Ampyx), one of the Argonauts. (Not to be confused with Mopsos, Cilicia.) Mopsion only struck one type of coin, although the positioning of the reverse legend can differ.

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McClean 4648
Rogers 412
Mopsion, Thessaly. Ca 350 BC. AE20mm. Laureate head of Zeus facing slightly right; thunderbolt to right / MOΨIATΩN, The Lapith Mopsos, standing facing & wielding club, about to strike Centaur who stands left, holding a boulder overhead. McClean 4648; Sear SG 2154; Rogers 412; BCD Thessaly 484. TextImage
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