Ancient Coinage of Boeotia, Kopai

Kopai was situated at the north-eastern point of Lake Kopai. It was not an important town but was permitted to mint coins under the Peace Treaty of Antalcidas which granted it political autonomy. Pausanias mentions temples dedicated to Demeter, of Dionysos and of Serapis. According to Babelon, it minted coins only from 387-374 BC.

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BMC 1Kopai, Boeotia, AR obol, 387-374 BC. 0.87 g. Boeotian shield. / KΩΠAIΩN clockwise from upper right, forepart of bull butting right within concave circle. BMC 1; BCD Boiotia 166; Traité III 277; SNG Lockett 1716; Pozzi 1370; Pozzi (Boutin) 3184; Philipsen 852.TextImage
Traité II-3 278Kopai, Boeotia, AE12. 387-374 BC. Boeotian shield. / K-Ω, bull's head facing. Babelon Traité II-3, 278; Prokesch 5 in AZ 1847-1848; Prokesch-Osten Inedita p. 23 in Denkschriften 1854.TextImage