Ancient Coinage of Baktria, Kings, Zoilos

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BMC 4Zoilos II, AR Drachm, 50-35 BC. BASILEWS SWTHROS ZWILOU, diademed and draped bust right / Karosthi legend around, Athena advancing left, holding aegis on horizontal shield; ODIKL monogram to right; Karosthi letter "ri" to left. Whitehead 535; BMC 4; Sear Greece 7708.TextImage
Bop 6BBaktria, Indo-Greek Kings, Zoilos I AE Quadruple Unit. ca 130-120 BC. BASILEWS DIKAIOU ZWILOU, bust of Herakles right in lionskin headdress / club & bowcase with bow, both within wreath; monogram to right. SNG ANS 979, MIG 258a. TextImage
SNGCop 348Indo-Greek Kings of Bactria, Zoilos. c.75-50 BC. AR Drachm. Jammu Mint. 17mm. BASILEWS SWTHROS ZWILOU, Diademed and draped bust right / Rev: Karosthi legend (Maharajasa Tradatasa Jhoilasa), Athena advancing left, brandishing spear and holding aegis, monogram to left, control mark to right. SNG Cop 348; Mitchiner 469. TextImage
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