Ancient Coinage of Cyclades, Anaphe

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BMC 1Anaphe, Cyclades. 2nd Century BC. AE 16mm (3.66 gm). Three-quarter facing head of Apollo Aegletes wearing laurel wreath, head turned slightly right / Skyphos (two handled bowl). BMC 1; SNG Cop. 598.TextImage
BMC 2Anaphe, Cyclades. AE15. 2.12 gr. Laureate head of Apollo right / Skyphos (two handled bowl). BMC 2; SNG Cop. 599.TextImage
Pozzi 4484Anaphe, Cyclades, 3rd century BC. AE14, 3.05 g. Laureate head of Apollo Aigletes right. ANA beneath Kylix or bowl. Pozzi (Boutin) 4484 (this coin).TextImage
Triton 390Cyclades. Anaphe. 2nd Century BC. AE 12mm. Apollo standing facing, holding arrow in right hand, bow in left / Skyphos. TextImage
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