Ancient Coinage of Megaris, Megara

[BMC 21]

Megara, in the northern section of the Isthmus of Corinth across from the island of Salamis

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BCD 39Megara, Megaris, Attica. AE13 Dichalkon. 307-243 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / MEΓ in two lines within laurel wreath. BCD 39 (this coin).TextImage
BMC 5ffAchaean League, Megara. 196-146 B.C. AR Hemidrachm. Laureate head of Zeus right / H - P on either side of Large AX monogram; above, lyre; below, A; all within laurel-wreath. TextImage
BMC 12Megara, Megaris. 400-338 BC. 7.70g; 19mm. Laureate head of Apollo right / MEΓA-ΡEΩN to left and right of lyre. BMC 12; McClean 5986.TextImage
BMC 16Megara, Megaris. 400-338 BC. 3.09g; 16mm. Laureate head of Apollo right / MEΓA-ΡEΩN, tripod-lebes. McClean 5991; BMC 16-17; Sear Greek 2589.TextImage
BMC 21Megaris, Megara. After 307 BC. AE 13mm. Prow left; tripod on forecastle / MEΓ between two dolphins. SNG Cop 480. TextImage
Mionnet II, 322Megaris, Megara. After 307 BC. AE 13mm. Prow left; tripod on forecastle / MEΓ between two dolphins. TextImage
SNGCop 483Megaris, Megara. Circa 350-275 BC. AE Dichalkon (14mm, 2.19 g). Prow left / MEΓA, Two dolphins swimming in a circle, clockwise. BCD Peloponnesos 7 var. TextImage
BCD 47Commodus AE25 of Megara, Megaris. AD 177-192. 8.97 gr. ..OΔOC ANTΩNINOC, Laureate head right / MEΓAΡEΩN, Zeus seated right, holding eagle and sceptre. BCD Peloponnesos 47.1 (this coin).TextImage
BCD 54Septimius Severus, AE23 of Megara, Megaris. 7.23 g. AYK Λ CEHYΡOC or similar, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MEΓAΡEΩN, Dionysos, wearing short chiton, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. BCD Pelop. (LHS) 54.TextImage

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