Ancient Coinage of Axum, Ebana

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BMC 304Axum, Ebana, ca. 450-500, AV tremissis. Crowned & draped bust right, holding branch & framed by grain ears /draped bust right, in headcloth. Munro-Hay Type 71; BMC Aksum 304. TextImage
BMC 306Axum. Ebana. Circa 450. AV Third Solidus, 18mm. Crowned bust right, holding whisk; grain ears flanking / Draped bust right, in headcloth, holding whisk; grain ears flanking. Munro-Hay Type 71-72; BMC Aksum 306-308. TextImage
BMC 307Axum, Ebana. Circa 450 AD. AV 1/3 Solidus. +CIN+CLC+LCL+] LC, Crowned & draped bust right, flanked by two grain ears, within circle / +LNL+BLC+LCL+CCR, draped bust of king right, in head cloth & holding flywhisk, dot above head, flanked by two grain ears, within circle; dot above. BMC Axum 307; Munro-Hay 71. TextImage
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