Ancient Coinage of Troas, Gergis

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SNGCop 338Troas, Gergis. Circa 4th-3rd Century BC. AE13mm (1.34 gm). Head of Herophile right, three-quarters facing / ΓEΡ, Sphinx sitting right, grain ear in ex. TextImage
Sear 4098Gergis, Troas, AE17, 400-241 BC. 3.6 g. Three-quarter facing head of Sibyl Herophile, turned slightly right, wearing laurel wreath and pendant necklace./ ΓEΡ, Sphinx sitting right, grain ear below. SNG Cop 339-340; BMC 2-4; SNG von Aulock 1513; Laffaille 452. TextImage
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