Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Sebaste

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BMC 20Sebaste, Phrygia. AE. before 276 AD. ΔHMOC, unbearded, laureate, draped bust of Demos right / CEBACTHNΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder on globe and cornucopiae. BMC 20; SNG von Aulock 3948.TextImage
SGI_5114Phrygia, Sebaste AE22. IEΡA CYNKΛHTO, youthful bust of the Roman Senate right wearing taenia / CEBACTHNΩN, Zeus seated left, holding patera and sceptre. SNG Aulock 3950; SNG Cop. 675; BMC 17, 12; SNG Righetti 1217. TextImage
BMC 36Geta, AE of Sebaste, Phrygia. 7.56 g. ΠO CEΠ ΓETAC KAI, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right / CEBACTHNΩN, MÍn standing right, crescent behind shoulders, holding pine cone and sceptre, foot on bucranium. BMC 36; SNG Cop. 682.TextImage
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