Ancient Coinage of Crete, Aptera

[Svoronos 1]

Aptera, a city of Crete since Minoan times

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SNGCop 334Crete, Aptera AE13. ca 250-67 BC. Diademed head of Artemis right / three race torches, their handles cross at centre. SNG Cop 334. TextImage
Svoronos 1Crete, Aptera AR Stater. ca 330300 BC. AΠTAΡAIΩN, head of Aphrodite right, in pearl necklace, triple pendant earring, & stephane ornamented with palmettes / ΠTOΛIOIKOΣ, helmeted warrior (Apteros) standing facing, head left, holding round shield ornamented with star & raising right hand in adoration of sacred tree on left. Le Rider 273. TextImage
Svoronos 67Crete, Aptera AE14. ca 4th century BC. Diademed head of Artemis right / AΠTA-ΡAIΩN (retrograde), strung bow. SNG Copenhagen 323. TextImage
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