Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Lopadusa (Lampedusa)

Lopadusa (modern day Lampedusa) is the largest island of the Italian Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean. It is Italy's southernmost island but 205 km from Siscily. It has an area km2 and currently a population of approx. 6,000 people.

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Calciati 1Lopadusa (Lampedusa), Island off Sicily. 3rd century BC. AE17mm. Diademed, bearded male head right / LAMPADWSAIWN, tunny fish right. Calciati CNS III 1. TextImage
Calciati 3Lopadusa (Lampedusa), Sicila, Islands. AE19. ca 405-397 BC. 2.66 g. Crab, Punic legend below / Symbol of Tanit and caduceus within wreath. Calciati III, 3; Laffaille 268.TextImage
Calciati 5Lopadusa (Lampedusa), Sicila, Islands. AE18. ca 300 BC. 3.27 g. Crab, Punic M below / Crab. Calciati III, 5.TextImage
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