Ancient Coinage of Kephaloidion, Sicily

Kephaloidion, Cephaloedium, Kephaloidion, modern Cefalu, on the northern coast of western Sicily. In 409 BC when it fell into the hands of the Carthagians it was probably the mint used by them under the name of "Rash Melkarth", the foothills of Herakles. When Italian mercenaries moved to the town under Dionysios of Syracuse, they called themselves "Herakleotai".

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Calciati 245Kephaloidion, Sicily AR Drachm. ca 390 BC. EK KEΦAΛOIΔI, head of youthful Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress / HΡAKΛEIΩTΩN, bull butting right on trapezoidal tablet, AK monogram above. TextImage
Calciati 372Kephaloidion, Sicily, AE Uncia. 14.7 mm, 2.12 gr, 307-305 BC. Head of Herakles left, wearing lionskin, in lined border / Pegasus flying right. Calciati 372.TextImage
Hoover HGC 643Kephaloidion, Sicily, AR litra, 11mm, 0.55 g. KEΦAΛOIΔITAN, Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress / HΡAKΛEIΩTAN, Bull butting right. Hoover HGC 643; Jenkins 3; Campana 3; Mionnet Supp I, 181.TextImage
Hoover HGC 650Kephaloidion, Sicily, AE19, after c. 241 BC. 2.60 g. Head of a Maenad or Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy. / KE-ΦA, Dionysos wearing long robe, standing left, holding an upright kantharos and thyrsos, resting his left elbow on a column to right, panther at foot left. Hoover HGC 650; Calciati 6; SNG Cop. 232; SNG Munich 534; Mionnet I, 204; SNG Evelpidis 480; Hunter 4-6; Kurth Dionysos 1212; Bernhart 465 corr.TextImage
Hoover HGC 654Kephaloidion, Sicily, AE unit, ca 350-300 BC. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress / K (sometimes retrograde), Pegasos flying right. Calciati 5; Hoover HGC 654.TextImage
Hoover HGC 655Kephaloidion, Sicily, AE unit, 250-200 BC. Draped bust of Hermes right, wearing Petatos, caduceus over shoulder / KE-ΦA, winged caduceus. Calciati 9; Hoover HGC 655; SNG Cop 233; Mionnet Supp I, 178.TextImage
Mini 2Kephaloidion, Sicily, AE Trias. 14mm, 2.4 gr, 307-305 BC. KEΦAΛOI, head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress / Pegasus flying right. Miný 2.TextImage
Mionnet I, 201
Sear SG 1086
Kephaloidion, Sicily, AE20.5 mm, 254-210 BC. Laureate and bearded head of Herakles right / KEΦ-A, lionskin, club and quiver. Mionnet I, 201; SNG ANS 1333; Calciati 10; BMC 4; SNG Cop 230; Hoover HGC 646.TextImage
Mionnet I, 204Kephaloidion, Sicily, AE18, 254-210 BC. 3.91 g. Head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / KE-ΦA, Dionysus, wearing long robe, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, resting left elbow on column. Mionnet I, 204; SNG Evelpidis 480; Calciati 6.TextImage
SNG Munich 526Kephaloidion, Sicily AE13. ca 4th Century BC. Head of Herakles right in lionskin / Pegasos flying right. TextImage
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