Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Aedui

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CCCBM 284ffCeltic Gaul, the Aedui, Kaletedou series, AR Quinarius. ca first century BC. Helmeted head of Roma left; X behind / Horse left. TextImage
DLT 4484Gaul, The Aedui. Uiipotal. Circa 60-50 BC. AR Quinarius. Diademed head left / VIIPOTA[L], warrior standing facing, holding trophy & shield. CCCBM II 489ff. TextImage
DLT 4871Gaul, The Aedui. Diadulos. Circa 65-50 BC. AR Quinarius. Head left in torque around neck / DIA-SV-LOS, horse prancing right. CCCBM II 459ff. TextImage
DLT 4972Celtic Gaul, the Aedui, AR Quinarius. ca 80–60 BC. ANORBO, helmeted head right, Celticized / DVBNO, Celticized horse galloping right, pellet in ring above. BMC 472, Castelin 540. TextImage
DLT 5026Gaul, The Aedui. Dobnocou/Dubnorex. Circa 60-50 BC. AR Quinarius. DVBNOCOV, laureate head right / DVBNOREX, warrior standing left, holding standard surmounted by a boar. CCCBM II 483ff. TextImage
DLT 5072Gaul, The Aedui, Litauicos. Circa 60-50 BC. AR Quinarius. Draped bust right, scepter before, X behind / LITAVICOS, warrior on horseback right, holding standard surmounted by a boar. CCCBM II 487-488. TextImage
DLT 5099Celtic Gaul, Aedui, fourée quinarius, (1.60g) c. 100 BC, Head left. / Celticized horse left. TextImage
DLT 8178Gaul, The Aedui, Kaletedou. Circa 80-50 BC. AR Quinarius. Helmeted head of Roma left / KAL, horse prancing left, wheel below. CCCBM II 319ff. TextImage
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