Ancient Coinage of Lycaonia, Laodikeia Combusta

Laodikeia Combusta (Katakekaumene, modern day Yorgan Ladik or Ladik-el-Tchaus) is 38km NNW of Iconium. Named Claudio Laodiceia ca 41 AD, the town struck only two types of provincial coins (Nike and Kybele) and even those only from 70 to 79 AD.
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RPC 1613Titus and Domitian, AE19 of Laodikeia Katakekaumene (Laodikeia Combusta / Claudio Laodikeia), Lycaonia, 5.53 g. (outwards from top left), TITOΣ KAI ΔOMITIANOΣ KAIΣAΡEΣ, bare head of Titus right, facing bare head of Domitian left / KΛAYΔIO ΛAOΔIKEΩN, Kybele, polos on head, seated left, holding patera and tympanum; lion beneath throne. RPC II 1613; Aulock Lykaonien 151-152; SNG von Aulock 8416; Waddington 4779; SNG France III 2322.TextImage