Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Pherai

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BMC 15Alexander of Pherae. 369-358 BC. AR Drachm (5.16 gm). Head of Hekate right / AΛEXANΔΡOY, roaring lion's head right. BMC Thessaly 15; Kraay 389.TextImage
Liampi 47Thessaly, Pherae. Circa 5th Century BC. AR Hemiobol (0.44 gm). Steer's hoof / Φ-E, horse's head right. TextImage
Pozzi 2864Pherai, Thessaly. AE Tessera or token. 4th c. BC. 19mm, 6.89 g. Head of bearded Satyr facing, with animal ears / ΦE upwards to right of forepart of bull standing right, bipennis (double axe) to left. Pozzi 2864; Rogers 526.TextImage
Rogers 524 varPherae, Thessaly. Alexander, tyrant. 369-357 BC. AE15. Forepart of bull left / AΛEXANΔΡOY, Forepart of horse right. BMC 18-19 var (bull left); Rogers 524 var (ditto).TextImage
SNGCop 239Thessaly, Pherai. 4th Century BC. AR Triobol. Laureate head of Hekate left; torch behind / The nymph Hypereia placing hand on a lion's head fountain; AS-TO within wreath. TextImage
SNGCop 241Thessaly, Pherai. Circa 404-369 BC. AE11mm, 1.47 g. Head of the nymph Hypereia right / ΦEΡAI, Lionís head fountain spouting water right. Rogers 513; SNG Copenhagen 241. TextImage
SNG Cop 242Pherae, Thessaly. AE. Head of Hecate right wearing wreath of myrtle / Lion's head right. TextImage
Sear SG 2204Thessaly, Pherae, ca 4th Century BC,. AR Triobol (2.39 gm). Head of Hekate left, in myrtle wreath; torch behind / ΦEΡAIOYN, Nymph Hypereia standing left, placing right hand on lion's head fountain; AΣ-TO in wreath at left. BMC 20, SNG Cop 239. TextImage
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