Ancient Coinage of Bria, Phrygia

The site of Bria in Phrygia, likely to have been relatively close to Laodikeia, is traditionally located near Burgaz, but modern scholars describe it as unlocated. The Barrington atlas places it between Pepouza and Sebaste.

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BMC 1Bria, Phrygia. AE20. Semi-autonomous issue, AD 193-235. 3.46 g. Draped bust of Serapis right, polos on head. / BΡIANΩN, Isis standing left, holding sistrum and situla. BMC 1; Aulock Phrygien 1 225-240; Weber 7040; Bunbury 326; Waddington 5751; SNG von Aulock 3520; Mionnet IV, 300; SNG Cop 224; SNG Munich 163;TextImage
Imhoof GRM 1Bria, Phrygia. AE19, semi-autonomous issue. AD 193-235. 3.67 g. Helmeted and cuirassed bust of Athena right, wearing aegis. / BΡIANΩN, Hermes, naked, standing left, holding purse and caduceus. Imhoof GRM 1; Prowe III 1652; Von Aulock, Phrygien I, 223-224.TextImage