Ancient Coinage of Boeotia, Haliartos

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BMC 3Haliartus, Boeotia, AR stater 18mm 12.18g, ca 500-480 BC. Boeotian shield with upper and lower rims divided into four segments / Archaic aspirate symbol for "H" in the centre of incuse mill pattern. SNG Cop 188; BMC 3-4.TextImage
BMC 4Boeotia, Haliartus AR Stater. ca 500–480 BC. Boeotian shield / Archaic letter in center of mill sail incuse. SNG Copenhagen 188. TextImage
BMC 11Haliartos, Boeotia, ca. 400-375 BC. AR stater, 21 mm, 11.82 gr. Boiotian shield decorated with upright trident / AΡI-AΡ-T-I-ON, Poseidon advancing right, extending hand and brandishing trident, within concave circle. BCD Boeotia 164; BMC 11; Traité III 296.TextImage
Kraay_339Haliartos, Boeotia. c510 BC. AR Drachm. Boeotian shield; aspirate in side opening / Mill-sail incuse. TextImage
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