Ancient Coinage of Lesbos, Eresos

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BMC 3Eresos, Lesbos, AE16 chalkon, 0.56 gr. 300-200 BC. Head of Hermes left, wearing petasos / EΡEΣI to right of upright grain ear on curved stem, star and crescent-like line in left field. BMC 3.TextImage
Righetti Coll. 18Eresos, Lesbos, AE17 4.10 gr. 300-200 BC. EΡ-EΣ to left and right of head of elderly Hermes right, wearing petasos / Female figure in short chiton, standing right. Righetti Collection sale Part VII, 18. Unpublished.TextImage
SNG Cop 341 varEresos, Lesbos, AE16 chalkon, 1.54 gr. 300-200 BC. Head of Hermes left, wearing petasos / E-Ρ(E) to left and right of caduceus. SNG Cop 341 var (Hermes right).TextImage
SNG Cop 343Lesbos, Eresos. ca 3rd Century BC. AE18. Wreathed head of Demeter right / EΡEΣI, legend within wreath of corn. TextImage
SNG vA 1736Eresos, Lesbos, AE16 Dichalkon, 2 gr. 1st century BC. Head of a gorgoneion or Hermes facing, wings behind his head / EΡECIΩN, winged caduceus. SNG von Aulock 1736.TextImage
BMC 8Philip I AE31 of Eresos, Lesbos. AD 244-249. 17.35 g. AYT K M IOYΛ ΦIΛIΠΠOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / EΠI CTΡA AYΡ ΓAMIKOY B EΡECIΩ, Athena standing left, holding Nike and spear, shield at foot left. BMC 8; Sear GIC 3897.TextImage
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