Ancient Coinage of Rhodes, Rhodian Peraia

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BMC 126 varRhodes-Peraia, Caria, AR drachm. ca. 304-88 BC. Head of Helios, not radiate, facing slightly right, right cheek covered by an eagle standing right / Rose, Π-E Δ-Δ in two lines across fields. BMC 216 var (Π-E only); BMC 211 var (Δ-Y Δ-Δ); SNG Tuebingen 3638 var (Π-E A-M).TextImage
BMC 164Rhodian Peraia, AR drachm, (2.70g) 2nd century BC. Facing head of Helios / ΓOΡΓOΣ above, Ρ-O across fields, rose, bow in bowcase in left field. BMC 164-166 and 169; Luynes 2726; SNG Lewis 991; SNG Keckman 582-584.TextImage
Entry for Rhodian Peraia on the Digital Historia Numorum

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