Ancient Coinage of Caria, Kindya

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Asyut 687Kindya, Caria. Circa 510-490 BC. AR Tetrobol or hemidrachm. Head of the sea-monster Ketos left / Incuse geometric pattern: floral pattern within latticed square, all within diagonal incuse square. Rosen 617; Asyut 687; Kagan & Kritt 1; SNG Helsinki 920; SNG Kayhan 810. TextImage
Asyut 688Caria, Kindya AR 510-490 BC. Head of ketos right / Incuse geometric pattern. Kagan & Kritt 1 var. (head left); SNG Helsinki 920 var. (same); SNG Kayhan 815. TextImage
Dewing 2353Kindya, Caria. Circa 510-490 BC. AR Samian Tetrobol. Head of ketos (sea-serpent) left with open jaws / Incuse geometric pattern. Rosen 617; SNG Helsinki 920. TextImage
Kagan & Kritt 47, 6Kindya, Caria, AR hemiobol, 6th c. BC. 8mm, 0.48 gr. Head of ketos (sea-serpent) right with open jaws / Eight-rayed star within incuse square. Kagan & Kritt, NC 1995, pp 261-265, pl. 47, 6; Mueller Coll. 2084.TextImage
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