Ancient Coinage of Cyclades, Seriphos

The island of Seriphos, between Kythnos and Siphnos was, according to mythology (Strabon), where Perseus was raised and where he turned the inhabitants into stone with the Gorgon's head. (Strabon).

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BMC 6Seriphos, Cyclades, AE20mm. 2nd Century BC. Head of Perseus right, in winged Phrygian helmet / Gorgoneion facing; harpa left below. SNG Copenhagen 733; BMC 6; Cadalven Rec. 3. TextImage
BMC (Crete) 7Seriphos, Cyclades, AE chalkous. 3.97 g. 300-200 BC. Head of Perseus right in a winged Phrygian helmet. / (ΣEΡI), head of the gorgon Medusa facing. BMC (Crete) 7.TextImage
BMC 11Seriphos, Cyclades,, AE15, Head of Perseus right, in winged helmet surmounted by head of vulture. / ΣEΡEI-ΦIΩN, Harpa. SNG Copenhagen 741; BMC 11; Weber 4711. TextImage
Rosen 242Seriphos, Cyclades, AR Stater, ca 530 BC, 11.03 g. Frog seen from above. / Incuse square irregularly divided. Rosen 242; Dewing 1967; Sheedy 6 (listed as 3 in error); Babelon Traité II-1, 1937.TextImage
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