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Tragilos, Traelium or Traelion, in Macedonia.

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Mionnet Supp III, 1119Tragilos as Traelium, Macedonia, AE15 Dichalkon, civic issue. ca 400-380 BC. 4.48 g. Head of Hermes right, wearing petasos. / TΡAIΛIΩN, rose, grain-ear in right field. Mionnet Supp. III, 1119.TextImage
Moushmov 6892Macedon, Tragilos. Circa 450-410 BC. AR Hemiobol. Grape bunch / T-Ρ-I-A within quadripartite incuse square. SNG Cop 447. TextImage
Moushmov 6893
Sear SG 1470
Macedon, Tragilos. Ca 450-410 BC. AR Hemiobol. Ear of grain in dotted border / T-Ρ-I-A within quadripartite incuse square. SNG ANS 903. TextImage
Moushmov 6897Macedonia, Tragilos AE9. ca 450-400 BC. Head of Hermes right in patasos / T-Ρ I-A between spokes of a wheel. AMNG III-2, 4, BMC 9. TextImage
Moushmov 6898Tragilos as Traelion, Macedonia. AE15, Civic issue, ca 380 BC. Head of Hermes right, wearing petasos / TΡAΓΛI-Ω-N, rose; bunch of grapes in right field. Moushmov 6898; BMC 13, SNG ANS 907-910, SNG Cop 451; Mionnet I, 410; AMNG III-2, 7. TextImage
SNG ANS 903Tragilos, Macedonia, AR hemiobol, ca 450-400 BC. 0.39 g. Corn ear / T-Ρ-A-I clockwise within the sections of a quadripartite incuse square. SNG ANS 903: SNG Cop. 446.TextImage
Tragilos, Macedonia, AR Hemiobol. Ear of corn / T-Ρ-I-A in the quarters of an incuse square. Hoover HGC 745; SNG ANS 903; Sear Greek 1470.TextImage
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