Ancient Coinage of Picenum, Hatria

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HN Italy 11Hatria, Picenum, Cast As, 76 mm, 421 g. ca. 275-225 BC. Head of Silenus facing, with animal's ears, archaic L in right field. / HAT beneath hound sleeping right. HNItaly 11; Haeberlin 2 (this coin); Sydenham Aes Grave 180; Weber 216 (this coin); ICC 236 (this coin); BMC 3.TextImage
HN Italy 12Hatria, Picenum, Aes Grave (Quincunx), 59 mm, 187 g. ca. 275-225 BC. HAT beneath female head left within a murex shell. / Pegasos flying right, ooooo below. HN Italy 12; Haeberlin 7-11; Vecchi 182; BMC 4-5.TextImage
HN Italy 13Hatria, Picenum, Aes Grave (Quatrunx ), 59 mm, 193.74 g. ca. 275-225 BC. Head of Apollo left with long hair, value mark oooo to left. / HAT, kantharos with ivy leaf above. HN Italy 13; Haeberlin 1-2; Vecchi 183; BMC 7.TextImage
HN Italy 14Hatria, Picenum, Aes Grave Teruncius, 50 mm, 99.98 g. ca. 275-225 BC. Stingray right, value mark ooo below. / HAT (upside down) above dolphin right. HN Italy 14; Vecchi 184; BMC 8-11; Sydenham Aes Grave 188.TextImage
HN Italy 15Hatria, Picenum, Aes Grave Biunx, 37 mm, 51 g. ca 280 BC. Rooster or cock standing left, value mark oo to left. / HAT beneath shoe right. HN Italy 15; Vecchi 185; Haeberlin 6; BMC 12-15.TextImage
HN Italy 16Hatria, Picenum, Aes Grave Uncia, 37 mm, 29.74 g. ca 280 BC. Anchor. / H-A-T around a dot. HN Italy 16; Vecchi 186; Sydenham 191; BMC 18.TextImage
HN Italy 17 corr.Hatria, Picenum, AE cast semuncia. ca. 275-225 BC. 27 mm, 27 g. Large H. / Large A Σ. HN Italy 17 corr (letters on rev.); Vecchi 244; Sydenham, Aes Grave, 193; Haeberlin 76; BMC -.TextImage

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