Ancient Coinage of Pisidia, Apollonia Mordiaeum

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von Aulock 72Faustina I AE26 of Apollonia Mordiaeum, Pisidia. FAVCTI CEBA, draped bust right / APOLLWNIATWN, Demeter standing left. TextImage
SNG France 1357Marcus Aurelius AE 33 of Pisidia, Apollonia Mordiaeum. Laureate head right / APOLLWNIAT-WN LUKIWN QRA KOLWNWN, octastyle temple set on three-tiered base, eagle in pediment; within, Aurelius standing left, holding phiale & sceptre. SNG France 1357. TextImage
SNG vA 4997Caracalla AE34 of Apollonia-Mordiaion, Pisidia. 19.43 g. AD 198-217. AYT K M AY ANTWNEI, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / APOLLWNIATWN LU, Apollo standing left, holding branch and resting left arm on tripod; raven at foot left. BMC 27 corr. (as Apollonia, Mysia); Aulock Pisidien II, 118-120 (same dies as 118f); SNG Aulock 4997 (same dies).TextImage
SNG von Aulock 153Otacilia Severa AE25 of Apollonia Mordiaeum, Pisidia. OTAKEILIA CE...IA CEB, diademed & draped bust right / APOLLWNIATWN AV, Tyche standing left, towered, holding rudder & cornucopiae.TextImage
Agndal 69Philip II AE23 of Apollonia Mordiaeum, Pisidia. AVT K M IOVLIOC FILIPPOC, laureate, draped & cuirassed burst right / APOLLWNIATWN, LV in field to right, Athena standing right, holding spear & resting against shield.TextImage
SNG France 1365Gallienus AE Medallion of Apollonia Mordiaeum, Pisidia. AVT K P GALLIEN, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / APOL-LW-NI-AT-WN LV QR KO, octastyle temple set on three-tiered base, eagle(?) in pediment; within, Gallienus standing left, holding phiale(?) & sceptre. Von Aulock 157.TextImage
SNG France 1365Gallienus AE 42mm of Apollonia Mordiaeum, Pisidia. Struck 251 AD. AYT K PL GALLIHNO Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / APOLLWNIAIAN, Gallienus standing left in octastyle temple with globe & sceptre. LVCPK in ex.TextImage

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