Ancient Coinage of Syria, Decapolis, Pella

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RPC 2100Domitian, AE20 of Pella, Syria, Decapolis. 5.30 gm. Dated year 145 = 82-83 AD. AYTOKΡATΩΡ ΔOMITIANOC KAICAΡ, laureate head right / ΠEΛΛHNΩN Λ EMΠ, Nike standing right, inscribing shield resting on her knee. RPC 2100; Spijk. 3; Rosen. 1.TextImage
RPC 2101
Spij 4
Domitian, AE15 of Pella, Syria, Decapolis. 81-96 AD. 2.25 g. Year 145 (82-3 AD.). (from top right) AYTOKΡATΩΡ ΔOMITIANOΣ KAIΣAΡ, laureate head right / ΛE MΠ ΠEΛ-ΛHN to left and right of palm tree with two bunches of fruit. RPC 2101; Spijkerman p. 212, 4; Rosenberger IV p. 59, 2.TextImage
Spij 5Lucilla, AE of Pella, Syria, Decapolis. (ΛOYKIΛΛA) AYΓOYCTA, Draped bust right / ΠEΛΛAIΩN, MC below, Tyche, wearing turreted crown and long chiton, seated right on rock, right hand extended. Half-figure of river-god to right. Spijkerman 5; Lemaire 205.TextImage
Spij 7Commodus, AE25 of Pella, Syria, Decapolis. 177-192 AD. 13.95 g. Year 246 (182-183 AD.). AVK KOMMOΔOC ANTΩNEINOC, laureate head right / ΠEΛΛAIΩN, SMC below, Tyche seated right on rocks, holding grain ears in both hands; below, river-god swimming right. Spijkerman p. 212, 7, pl. 46, 7; Rosenberger IV p. 59, 8; SNG ANS 1357.TextImage
Spij 8 corr.Commodus AE25 of Pella, Syria, Decapolis. 177-192 AD. 13.70g. Year 246 = 183-184 AD. AY KOMMO ANTΩNEINOC, laureate, draped bust right / ΠEΛΛAIΩN around, date SMC in exergue, tetrastyle temple, within which Apollo standing right, naked except for cloak hanging from left shoulder and arm, holding bow in left hand and arrow downward in right hand. Spijkerman 8 corr. (obv legend).TextImage
Spij 10Commodus, AE20 of Pella, Arabia, Decapolis. 8.11 g. AV ANTΩNINO AVΓOYCT, laureate head right / ΠEΛΛAIΩN SMC, Herakles standing left holding apples and leaning on club. Spijkerman 10.TextImage
Spij 12Caracalla, AE28 of Pella, Syria, Decapolis. AD 198-217. 18.51 g. AVT K ..ANTΩNINOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Φ KOICV ΛΠEΛ T Π N Y ΠEΛ T, Interior view of the Nymphaion. Spijkerman 12.TextImage
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