Ancient Coinage of Thyessos, Lydia

Apparently there were two cities named Thyessos, one in Lydia and the other in Caria or Pisidia (Stephanos in Byz. 314). Thyessos has been greatly overlooked due to the extreme scarcity of its coins. Until its exact location is known I will place it in Lydia. We know that the city fathers of Tabae (Caria) asked Rome to permit them to fortify Thyessos after the Mithridatic war.
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Mionnet IV, 1018Thyessus, AE22 civic issue. 21.5 mm, 4.03 g. Laureate, female head right / ΘYEΣ-ΣEΩN, spear-head. Mionnet IV, 1018; Anson II 701; Head, HN p. 554; Eckhel, III, p. 123.TextImage

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