Ancient Coinage of Laconia, Gythium

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BMC 1Septimius Severus AE 22 of Gythium, Peloponnesus/Laconia. Zeus seated left holding thunderbolt & sceptre. SGI 2157.TextImage
BMC 2Septimus Severus, AE Assarion, Gythium, Laconia. L OVCEP CEVHROC, laureate head right / GUQEATWN, Herakles standing left, holding club and lionskin. BMC 2; BCD 966.TextImage
Mionnet Supp VII, 68Caracalla, AE Assarion of Gythium, Laconia. AD 198-217. AY KAI .. ANTWNINOC, laureate, draped bust right / GUQEATWN, Hermes standing left by altar, holding purse and caduceus. Mionnet Supp. IV, 68.TextImage
Imhoof Pausanias
N XXIV var
Geta, AE 21.5mm of Gythium, Peloponnesus/Laconia. LOV CEP GETA L K, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right / GYQEATWN, Apollo standing right, his right hand on top of his head, holding bunch of grapes with his left, and resting left elbow on serpent-entwined tree trunk. Imhoof, Pausanias, Plate N XXIV var (no serpent).TextImage
Mionnet Supp IV 73Geta. AE22 of Gythium, Peloponnesus/Laconia. 5.3 gm. LOU CEP GETAC K, Draped and cuirassed bust right / GUQEATWN, Apollo standing facing, head right, holding patera and lyre. Mionnet Suppl. 4, 73.TextImage
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