Ancient Coinage of Zeugitana, Clypea

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RPC 5405Colonia Julia Pia Paterna (Clypea), Zeugitana. AE12. C dot I dot P dot P, bust of Selene (?) right, with crescent on head / VICL dot ANT dot AED, star of eight rays. RPC 5405, ("Uncertain Coins").TextImage
RPC 768Tiberius, AE35 of Colonia Pia Iulia Paterna (often identified as Clypea, Zeugitana). AD 14-37. Magistrates P. Cornelius Dolabella and P. Gavius Casca, Struck AD 23. 37.81 g. TI CAE DIVI AVG F AVG IMP VIII COS IIII, bare head left / PERMIS P DOLABELLAE PRO-COS C P GA-VIO CAS D D around, C-P-I across fields, Mercury naked, wearing winged petasus and winged shoes, seated left on rock, holding caduceus. RPC I 768; Righetti Sale part II, 405; Mueller 337.TextImage
RPC 769Tiberius 30mm of Colonia Julia Pia Paterna, Zeugitana. P Cornelius Dolabella, Proconsul. Struck 23 AD. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F IMP VIII COS IIII, bare head left / PERMIS P DOLABELLAE PROCOS C P G CAS, C-P-I across fields, Livia, veiled, seated right, holding grain ears and sceptre. SNG Cop 56.TextImage
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