Ancient Coinage of Syria, Cyrrhus

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SGI 1073vTrajan, AE 25. Cyrrhus, Syria. AVTOKR KAIC NER TRAIANOS ARIST SEB GER DAK, laureate, draped bust of Trajan right, bare shoulders, seen from back / KYRRHC TWN, B below, in three lines, all within a wreath. SGI 1073v. TextImage
BMC 9Antoninus Pius AE22 of Syria, Cyrrhestica, Cyrrhus. Laureate head right / DIOV KATAIBATATOY (KVPPHCTWN), Zeus Kataibates, wearing himation over lower limbs and shoulder, seated left on rock holding thunderbolt & scepter, eagle at foot, B behind. SNG Cop 45.TextImage
SNGBr 660Marcus Aurelius AE23 of Syria, Cyrrhestica, Cyrrhus. AVTO K M AVPH ANTWNINOC CEB, laureate bust right / DIOC KATEBATOV KVPPHCTWN, Zeus Kataibates, in himation, seated left on rocks, resting arm on knee, holding thunderbolt & scepter, eagle at foot left.TextImage
SGI 2646Caracalla AR Tetradrachm of Cyrrhus, Syria. AVT K M A ANTWNINOC C, radiate & cuirassed bust left, raising right hand, shield & filleted spear over left shoulder / DHMARC EX UPATO D, Eagle, head right, on filleted thyrsos. Bellinger 115, Prieur 915.TextImage
Prieur 922AMacrinus, AR tetradrachm of Cyrrhus, Syria. AY K M OP CE MAKREINOC CE, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / DHMARX EX YPATOC, eagle standing front on a filleted thyrsos, head and tail left. Prieur 922A.TextImage
SNG Cop 49Syria, Cyrrhestica. Cyrrhus. Philip I. 244-249 AD. AE 28mm (17.18 gm). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; viewed from the front / Hexastyle temple of Zeus Kataibates, with statue of Zeus within, holding thunderbolt and sceptre, eagle at foot; ram above the temple.TextImage
SGI 3955Philip I AE29 of Cyrrhus, Cyrrhestica, Syria. AVTOK K M IOVLI FILIPPOC CEB, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / DIO C KR TEK ATOV, Zeus within temple of 8 columns, KYPHCTWN in ex.TextImage
BMC 30Philip II, AE 27 of Cyrrhus, Syria. AYTOK K M IOULI FILIPPOC CEB, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / DIOC KATEBATOU, KVRECTWN below, hexastyle temple with Syrian gable (angled outer pediment, rounded inner pediment), Zeus seated facing within, head left, holding sceptre, capricorn leaping left above. BMC 30; SNG Fitzwilliam 5852; McClean 9369; SNG Cop 49; SNG Righetti 1872; SNG München 504.TextImage
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