Ancient Coinage of Lydia, Kings, Alyattes

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Rosen 282Lydia, Time of Alyattes EL 1/24 Stater. 0.58 g, 610-561 BC. Archaic boar's head (?) right / Incuse punch divided into four parts by cross-shaped lines. Waggoner, Rosen Coll. 282.TextImage
SNG Kayhan 1017Lydia, Time of Alyattes EL 1/48 Stater. 4 mm, 610-561 BC. Sardes mint, 0.24 g. Paw of lion / Incuse punch with pattern resembling ΛΠI within. SNG Kayhan I 1017; Karwiese Series I, Group 4 (Ephesos).TextImage
Weidauer 86Lydia, Time of Alyattes EL Trite. 4.72 g, 610-561 BC. Sardes mint. Head of roaring lion right, sunburst with multiple rays on forehead / Incuse punch divided into two parts. Weidauer 86; Traité II-1, 44; BMC Lydia 7; SNG von Aulock 2869; SNG Cop 449–451; SNG Lockett 2977; Boston MFA 1764.TextImage
Weidauer 89Lydia, Time of Alyattes 610-561 BC, EL Third Stater. Head of roaring lion right / double incuse punch. SNG v. Aulock 2868; Waggoner, Rosen Coll. 656; Weidauer 89. TextImage
Weidauer 90Lydia, Time of Alyattes EL 1/12 stater. 1.20 g, 610-561 BC. Sardes mint. Head of roaring lion right, sun on forehead (later style) / Incuse square punch. Weidauer 90; Traité II-1, 47; SNG Kayhan 101; Rosen 654.TextImage
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